Rise by lifting others!

Dancing Pandas is a relaxing adventure game about spreading joy, exploring the natural scenery and discovering new elements. There is dancing in the game but not as a game mechanic – this game is the one to jump into when you just want to calm down, rewind and feel good.

Dancing Pandas game is meant for everyone, of all ages. The game will be released for PC in 2022. Stay tuned!

a Story of
dancing pandas

The adventure focuses on our main character Mico who seeks out to explore new worlds. While setting foot on undiscovered islands, Mico realizes something has happened there that has thrown life out of balance and only Mico with the help of his companion can set things right.

Join Mico’s journey and meet different characters and animals on his way to restore the balance on the islands. Will you find out the mystery behind it all?

Indie team

Small & Spicy - Made in Finland

It was early 2021, Covid-19 had completely changed the way of working and separated many from each other. The situation gave us the spark to create something that yearns back to the interaction and togetherness : thus the idea for Dancing Pandas was born!

We are a team of old school players, valuing games with heart. We specifically didn’t want to create another addictive money-hungry game. We wanted to offer something chill and not aggressive, yet still intriguing for the players – we believe there are not enough games out there with that mission. Our team’s background is in visual entertainment from animation to VR games thus we wanted to implement high quality visuals to Dancing Pandas.

We hope you enjoy the world we have created!

To full experience we would love to have your feedback and keep connected to all of you panda players!

The Team

Timo Kuronen


"Lead programming. Timo makes the world dance"

Sami Kuronen

Look & Development

"Sami conjures all the game visuals and feel with assets, effects, animations and code"

Minea Juntura

Concept art

"The beautiful art style of the game was brought into life by Minea"

Linda Isoviita

Animation & Design

"Linda makes those panda hips move and imagines the world and look"

Teemu Erämaa


"Teemu runs the show with Excel sheets and by waving his hands in the air"

With a little help from

Aleksi Eeben, Kati Fager, Jonni Kukkonen, Elmo Lahti, Ilia Raita, Mikko Saari & Alexander Smirnov



Not a dancing game?!

You don’t have to be a dancer to play this game – our main panda Mico is not either.  But sometimes when you wander around you might start to feel like dancing? 

Travel between unique worlds

Exploring new islands, meeting other pandas, getting astonished by the beautiful scenery! The game is about discovering.


Adventure of kindness

Helping others in need makes us feel good inside. Giving is receiving and good deeds give good karma!

Discovering elements

Ancient tools, special nature elements, mysterious phenomenons. What is it all about, and what needs to be done for getting forward?


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